Join Virtual Sitin: RWE Stop Clear-cutting the Hambach Forest

RWE Power AG is responsible for the mining of lignite and other fuels and for power supply in Germany. The corporation is running three mines (Hambach, Inden, Garzweiler) and four big power plants in the Rhenish lignite mining area. The power plants Neurath, Niederaußem, Weisweiler and Frimmersdorf alone emit around 82 million tons of CO2 into the atmosphere each year, which makes up ten percent of German CO2 emissions.

The last remains of the formerly 4500 ha large forest area Hambach Forest are being cut for the expansion of the lignite mines. About 120 villages have been "utilised due to mining" since the 1950's, nearly 40.000 people had to leave their homes. For roughly a dozen more villages, demolition still lies ahead. Only 10% of the Hambach Forest remain. The remaining core of the forest still contains the diversity of the original Hambach Forest that exists since the end of the ice age 12,000 years ago. The Hambach Forest is an irreplaceable piece of nature, habitat of many endangered animals and trees. The preservation of the Hambach Forest limits the open pit Hambach and the coal from this open pit plays a central role in the Rhenish lignite mining district. The rescue of the Hambach Forest is at the same time an important step towards phasing out coal and the closure of the entire area.

In 2017, the climate justice movement was able to stop the wood clearing of the Hambach Forest for the mining pit for an entire clearing season 2017/2018 (October to March) by protests and legal complaints. It looks like RWE became afraid that the occupation of the forest by climate activists would prevent the wood clearing a second time. At the 
same time the coal commission started negotiations in Berlin to phase out coal mining and burning in Germany.
With this action of electronic disobedience we target RWE's websites and attempt to cause the temporary suspension of their service. RWE is not allowed to disturb the residents inside the Hambi any further. RWE must stop clear-cutting the Hambach Forest immediately. We urge RWE to put an end to coal mining and destroying the climate, and instead focus all efforts on renewable energies.

In support of the Hambach Forest occupation #HambiBleibt we will launch an online protest on the RWE Power AG websites on 

To Be Announced.


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    Open your browser and type the following URL in your browser window:

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After a short while this page will open pop up twelve tiny pop-up windows and begin visiting some pages on repeatedly and automatically. Press the STOP bottom in case you do not wish to continue the virtual protest.

In case your browsers blocks the pop-up windows of this online protest you have to allow the pop-up windows of the virtual sitin webpage ("Always Allow") and reload the page into your browser.


Leave the browser window open as the virtual sitin continues. You should be able to do other things on your computer at the same time or just go for a walk in the fresh air.

It is recommended to use a VPN connection when taking part in this online protest. You find some help on VPN here.

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